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maj 2018.
Westermo Ethernet stikala


    Westermo Redfox series of high-performance managed Ethernet routers/switches are designed for use in heavy industrial conditions and demanding applications. The devices have a very large middle time of fault (MTBF) calculated according to the military standard MIL-HDBK-217, a wide range of working temperatures and all the necessary certificates for use in heavy industrial conditions and trackside.

    A total of 29 devices (L2 or L3) in the Redfox series offer different combinations of optical and Ethernet ports. Six Redfox switches for the 19" tray have up to 29 ports and are available in the AC and DC variants of the power voltage.



    The Redfox series is fully certified for use in areas endangered by an explosive atmosphere. ATEX/IECEx Certificate issued by BASEEFA allows these robust L2/L3 switches to be fitted in potentially explosive atmospheres that are common in oil and chemical processing plants, wastewater treatment centres, gas distribution centers, sugar plants and silos.

     In the process of obtaining an EX-certificate, the Redfox series has been tested by independent test institutions to meet many standards for EMC, isolation, vibration and impact, up to the highest requirements required for heavy industrial environments and trackside applications.


RFI-111-F4G-T7G data sheet (eng, 837 kB)    RFI-119-F4G-T7G data sheet (eng, 863 kB)

RFIR-127-F4G-T7G-AC data sheet (eng, 813 kB)    RFIR-127-F4G-T7G-DC data sheet (eng, 805 kB)
RFIR-219-F4G-T7G-AC data sheet (eng, 800 kB)    RFIR-219-F4G-T7G-DC data sheet (eng, 804 kB)
RFIR-227-F4G-T7G-AC data sheet (eng, 813 kB)    RFIR-227-F4G-T7G-DC data sheet (eng, 901 kB)

RFIR-128-F4G-T24G-HV data sheet (eng, 3,16 MB)    RFIR-128-F4G-T24G-LV data sheet (eng, 3,16 MB)
RFIR-128-F16G-T12G-HV data sheet (eng, 3,17 MB)    RFIR-128-F16G-T12G-LV data sheet (eng, 3,17 MB)
RFIR-128-T28G-HV data sheet (eng, 3,16 MB)    RFIR-128-T28G-LV data sheet (eng, 3,16 MB)


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