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junij 2017.
Did you know...


Ensured mobile connection

Did you know that the MRD 3G/4G router has a feature for ensuring continuous mobile connection?

In mobile networks there are only a certain amount of devices that can be connected at each point in time; therefore the networks are designed to use the resources in the most effective way possible. This means that a device which does not pass data through the network will be “kicked out” in favour of devices that is. For industrial applications this is likely to cause some issues, since most installations do not pass through a lot of data and the fact that they are always in the same location (never changing base station).

To re-establish a connection a restart of the mobile interface is required, which can be carried out manually by accessing the device while on site. This is of course not appreciated by the customer as site visits are time consuming and costly. The time from when the connection is lost to when it is restored varies, but it can be very long. During this time, a lot of valuable data can be lost for the customer.

Installing a Westermo MRD-series 3G/4G-router gives the customer a means of ensuring that the connection stays up at all times. The MRD-series offers connection management, which lets the device send out a PING-request to a reliable IP-address. This keeps the connection up in two ways. First of all it ensures that traffic is passed through the network continuously, lowering the risk of losing connection due to being inactive. Secondly the device will recognize if the PING-request does not receive a response, which proves the connection is down. The unit will then attempt to restart the connection a configurable amount of times. If this fails it will reboot to re-establish a connection.


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