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august 2017.
Did you know...


Dual SIM cards

Did you know Westermo’s mobile routers feature dual SIM-cards?

Accessing a remote site via a mobile network is always reliant on the local carrier providing reliable coverage. There are many factors that influence the coverage of a network, which means that no carrier can ever provide a perfect signal everywhere, 24/7/365. Fixed or portable installations will lose signal from time to time due to the changing condition or a carrier may suffer from equipment failures in their networks. The impact of losing coverage for a prolonged period can result in a costly loss of control, data, or production.

Installing a cellular router with dual SIM-cards removes the single point of failure at the mobile network level, and allows the device to connect to a different carrier if the primary provider is unavailable. Both the MRD-355 and MRD-455 feature dual SIM-card slots, which allow for the installation of two SIM-cards from two separate providers. Together with the built-in connection management in the MRD-355/455 devices they offer a very high level of resilience at the cellular network access level.


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