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januar 2017.
Did you know...


Line quality indication

Did you know the DDW-142/242 Wolverine Ethernet extenders provide an instant visual indication of the line quality by LED lights on the front panel of the device?

The Wolverine products can be used to extend Ethernet networks using any existing twisted pair copper cables. This will enable considerable cost and time savings. When extending a network over existing or old cables, it is important that the cables with the best possible quality are used. LEDs on the DDW-142 and DDW-242 give a clear visual indication of the current line quality is good or starting to degrade due to changing conditions, such as corrosion on the line. The DDW-x42 units require no configuration, simply connect the cable to be tested. The signal strength indication makes it possible to quickly test a cable and make a decision to replace or find an alternative copper pair. For more precise and long-term line quality testing, the Westermo configuration and management tool WeConfig provides functionality for very accurate line testing that can be viewed as a graph or recorded over a period.


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