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september 2019.
End of production of some
units until the end of 2019


  Westermo announced the end of production of the 3G modems from MRD Series, part of the managed switches with EX certificates from Lynx, RedFox and Wolverine series, and part of the unmanaged switches and converters until the end of 2019. Below is a list of devices according to the last date for the order and replacement devices (if any). A finite number of devices is available for delivery, and if the device is no longer in stock before the last order date, a replacement device will be offered.



L105-S1-EX (replacement L205-S1-EX)
L106-F2G-EX (replacement L206-F2G-EX)
L106-S2-EX (replacement L206-S2-EX)
L108-F2G-S2-EX (replacement L208-F2G-S2-EX)
L110-F2G-EX (replacement L210-F2G-EX)
RFI-211-T3G-EX (replacement RFI-211-F4G-T7G-EX)
RFI-215-F4G-T3G-EX (replacement RFI-219-F4G-T7G-EX)
DDW-225-EX (replacement DDW-142-EX)
DDW-226-EX (replacement DDW-142-EX)
EDW-100-EX (replacement L205-S1-EX)
EDW-120-EX (replacement L206-S2-EX)

MRD-305-DIN (replacement MRD-405)
MRD-315 (replacement MRD-415)
MRD-355 (replacement MRD-455)

SDW-532-MM-SC2-SM-SC15 (L106-F2G can be used
with MM and SM transceivers)
SDW-541-MM-ST2 (replacement SDW-541-MM-LC2)
SDW-541-SM-LC40 (replacement SDW-541-F1G-T4G)
SDW-532-MM-ST2 (replacement SDW-532-MM-LC2)
MCW-211-MM-ST2 (replacement MCW-211-MM-LC2)


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