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januarja 2018.
industrial modem/router


    Westermo has launched an industrial ADSL and VDSL2 router/modem to provide robust and secure communications to remote industrial automation equipment. The BRD-355 uses the Internet to cost-effectively inter-connect systems, allowing SCADA, HMI, PLCs and sensors to communicate with each other, a pre-requisite for any IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution. By providing remote access to equipment, the BRD-355 helps to remove boundaries, eliminates the need for time-consuming site visits and creates a network infrastructure suitable for today’s `always on’ society.

        - leased line replacement,
        - analogue/dial-up modem replacement,
        - broadband access over ISDN line,
        - broadband access for utilities.

Features and technical data:
        - 1 x RS-232, 300 bit/s - 115,2 kbit/s,
        - 2 x Ethernet TX, 10 Mbit/s ili 100 Mbit/s,
        - 1 x xDSL, RJ-11,
        - support for ADSL Annex J and VDSL2 Vectoring standards,
        - built-in firewall,
        - support for IPsec and OpenVPN,
        - LEDs,
        - DIN rail mount,
        - power input range 10 to 60 VDC,
        - temperature range -25 to +70 °C.


BRD-355 Data sheet (.pdf, eng, 323 kB) BRD-355 User guide (.pdf, eng, 1,2 MB)


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