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februar 2017.
Edge Network Solutions


Edge Networks Solutions have been developed by Westermo to meet the demands of mission critical networks. WeOS software, robust hardware, industry approvals and network tools are the cornerstones of Edge Network Solutions and when combined they create the most resilient and robust solutions for any mission critical network.


Westermo OS
Made Easy network operating system

Westermo delivers resilient network solutions through its WeOS operating system, which is at the heart of Westermo range of robust hardware platforms. WeOS delivers network resilience strategies to provide solutions to many industrial networking issues.

WeOS data sheet (.pdf, en, 667 kB)


Robust hardware
The most reliable hardware on the market

All WeOS products are manufactured at Westermo production facility in Sweden to the highest quality standards and designed, and externally verified to work in the harshest industrial environments over a long service life (minimum 10 years).


Networking made easy

WeConfig is a network configuration management tool that makes it easy to configure single or multiple Westermo devices. WeConfig simplifies both the initial installation of a network and ongoing maintenance once commissioned.

WeConfig data sheet (.pdf, en, 179 kB)


Edge Network Solutions brochure (.pdf, en, 8,06 MB)         WeConfig demo (Westermo Youtube channel)

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