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april 2017.
MRD 3G/4G routers/modems
Application Notes


MRD Connection Management

    Some times 3G/4G links appear operational, but data does not reach its destination. The MRD can be configured to pass test pings over the link to ensure operation. If a problem is detected, the unit can take actions to reconnect including rebooting itself. This functionality reduces the need for site visits to reset failed communications.

3G/4G connection management (.pdf, en, 1,83 MB)


MRD-355/455 Dual SIM Functionality

    The MRD-455 and MRD-355 have 2 SIM card slots allowing the unit to switch to a second network provider if the first fails. A reliable and resilient solution for mission critical or mobile communications.

Dual SIM failover (.pdf, en, 1,8 MB)


MRD Cyber Security

    The MRD-355/455 and ADSL-350 can be used together to create secure networks. IPsec VPN tunnels provide authentication and encryption technology to allow secure communications across the internet. A secure remote access solution. Note: MRD-305/405 only support a single VPN.

How to configure an IPsec VPN (.pdf, en, 4,36 MB)


MRD-355/455 Multiple Media Uplinks

    On critical remote sites ADSL and 3G/4G channels can provide alternate data paths to provide resilience in the event of a network outage. The VRRP protocol (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) effectively controls which channel to use. Mounting the two devices in separately powered cabinets provides even more resilience against power failure or lightning damage. Note: VRRP not supported on MRD-305/405.

VRRP with VPN failover (.pdf, en, 3,83 MB)


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