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marec 2021.
Industrial 4G LTE router
with mini RTU


The Virtual Access GW2024PW industrial router is designed for use in power and water plants, SCADA smart grid, commercial and industrial M2M, transport and railways, distribution automation, etc.

It functions as a mini RTU, which means that setup costs and operating costs are reduced because the functions of the RTU and router are integrated into a single device.


Technical characteristics:
   Ethernet ports: 4 or 8 x 10/100 Mbit/s, RJ-45.    Serial ports: 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-485, RJ-45.    4 x DI, 2 x DO, 2 x DI/DO.
   Wireless WAN with 3G and 4G LTE capabilities.    2 SIM card slots.    2 x SMAf port for LTE antennas.
   MIMO support for LTE.    LTE category 4 (max. 150 Mbit/s download, 50 Mbit/s upload).
   Mini RTU (basic PLC functionality) that can be operated with SCADA master device.
   Protocol conversion between IEC-5-104, IEC-5-101, DNP3, and MODBUS devices.
   Secure communication: SSL, IPsec, and DMVPN, SHA2 IKEV2, and AES-256.    Management via SMS commands.
   Mobile connection monitoring, automatic switching to another SIM card/network (configurable).
   "Zero Touch deployment": commissioning without going into the field or knowledge of IP or LTE networks.
   Isolated power supply: 18 - 60 VDC, max. 6 W.    Operating temperature: -40 do +70 °C.
   Possibility of local and central configuration through Activator software.    DIN-rail mount.    Warranty 5 years.

GW2024PW data sheet (.pdf, en, 474 kB)   Activator data sheet (.pdf, en, 323 kB)   Monitor data sheet (.pdf, en, 261 kB)


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