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december 2020.
Westermo industrial 4G
Firmware 1.8.2 - enhancements and new features


The MRD-405, MRD-415 and MRD-455 are robust 4G routers designed to provide resilient high-speed remote access over mobile networks. The MRD series provides a very high level of connectivity, and supports a number of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile standards. It also provides secure and robust remote access and virtual private network (VPN) functionality. Devices also have a powerful firewall for checking packages that, together with a VPN, guarantee secure networks.

A new version of firmware is available for 3G/4G routers MRD-305/405, MRD-315/415 i MRD-355/455 (3G LTB 31.03.2020.) and ADSL/VDSL routers BRD-355 and ADSL-350 (LTB 30.09.2017.). Version 1.8.2 equalizes firmware versions of 3G/4G routers and ADSL/VDSL routers, bringing the same features and improvements.

New features:
   MAC filters on LAN 1 & 2 (when ports are split).    DHCP client on LAN port 2.
   DHCP server on LAN ports 1 & 2 (split mode).    Specify NTP and DNS on DHCP in server.
   Routes WEB page (diagnostic).    Clock on all pages.    Ability to specify DynDNS refresh period.
   If a gateway is set on LAN, you can specify LAN in default/static routes.
   Loopback Permissive/normal/strict.    Roaming improvements.    Port disable.

   Ethernet/LAN:   improved split port support,
         bridge mode works correctly with PPPoE,    individual LAN port control and monitoring.
   Wireless:   general stability improvements,    improved LTE connections for MRD 455 Rev 1 and MRD 415.
   Added support for ADSL BRD-355 and ADSL-350.    Added support for ADSL BRD-355 Rev2.

Release notes (.pdf, en, 281 kB)   MRD-405 data sheet (.pdf, en, 1,89 MB)  MRD-415 data sheet (.pdf, en, 2,22 MB)
MRD-455 data sheet (.pdf, en, 2,48 MB)    BRD-355 data sheet (.pdf, en, 340 kB)


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