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april 2017.
415U-2 long-range wireless
I/O and gateway


415U-2 wireless networking I/O and gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long range, license or license-free wireless transceiver, the 415U-2 can provide IP-based networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications. Available in a wide range of frequencies from 360 MHz to 512 MHz and up to 5 W RF power, for 869 MHz and up to 500 mW RF power, and with version without radio module.

  415U-2 provides robust/secure two-way wireless communications in extremely challenging outdoor industrial environments. The internal radio transceiver is designed to operate reliably with the challenges of obstructed paths, typical of remote monitoring and control applications. Unit can also provide Ethernet and serial gateway support for industrial protocols including Modbus® TCP/RTU and DNP3.

       Water and wastewater systems,
       Oil and gas networks,
       Irrigation pivot or channel managemen,
       Mining operations infrastructure.


       Multi-hop repeater and gateway functionality ,
       Gather-scatter and block mapping,
       Modbus TCP and RTU I/O gateway,
       DNP3 remote I/O and DNP3 TCP gateway,
       Internal programmable data and event logging with remote access,
       Configurable digital, pulse, and analog I/O to 14-bit resolution,
       Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration,
       Over-the-air context-based data compression for maximum throughput,
       Advanced security encryption provided with WPA2, 802.11i and AES256,
       Frequency agility roaming provides reliability and flexibility within the network architecture,
       Expandable digital, analog, and pulsed I/O using 115S modules,
       360–512 MHz frequency licensed bands or license-free frequency 869 MHz (model 915U-2),
       1 mW to 5 W RF power (model specific),
       Radio data rates from 4800 bps to 19,2 kbps,
       12,5 kHz and 25 kHz channel bandwidth options.

415U-2 data sheet (.pdf, en, 149 kB)  915U-2 data sheet (.pdf, en, 94 kB)  115E-2 data sheet (.pdf, en, 162 kB)


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